Feb 2, 2010

New Thing!

I am leaning towards calling this the Infinity Pendant, because it's close to being an interesting figure 8 style of thing.

It's very delicate, quite small. (no longer than my thumbnail I think) Dainty even. And you can thread the chain through either hoop, or both if you want.


I want to polish this guy up a little bit more, but I had to take the pictures yesterday because the light coming in through the bedroom window seemed so perfect. I'll have to cover that tabletop though, eugh.


Sara said...

Jana this is so beautiful! How much would you sell it for, do you think?

Jana May said...

Hey you!
I haven't quite figured that out yet, but I am leaning towards $63 with the chain.
The little beads are gold and the rest is sterling silver.

How are you doing?? Still at the clinic?
(I didn't know that you were in Astrophysics! That's so cool)

Sara said...

Yeah... well I transferred out of Emily Carr to go back to UBC. It's a much better fit. :)

Nooo I left the clinic a long time ago. The new office manager was not my cup of tea, and it ended up that I would have been too busy with school anyways.

I think it's so pretty, and I love the "infinity pendant" name. Fits perfectly. I am always broke but I am going to save up for something of yours soon, I think. :) I hope you are loving your new place on the island!


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