Feb 4, 2010


Geoff and I are big fans of fresh juice. We got a juicer when we lived in Halifax and we used it so much that we blew the motor.
I am not even kidding.

And we received a new one as a wedding gift (thank you Michaela and Ben!) and holy crap it's heavy duty.
I actually have to hold on to it because the blades spin so fast that it MOVES ACROSS THE COUNTER.


It's super awesome.

And it's been really nice this past week while we've both been sick (hit with the head cold unfortunately) to have fresh enzymes working their magic.
I honestly believe that I would feel WAY worse if I wasn't drinking fresh juice everyday. I am hoping that I will be all better by the weekend in fact.

Anyway, typically we juice something like this:

2-3 carrots
1-2 apples
4-5 stalks celery
and then whatever else we've got on hand. (cucumber, kale green lettuce, whatever)

Geoff made some juice with beets yesterday that was super delicious.

These things usually make just over the perfect amount for 2.
(we'll fill a glass each, drink the top half and then top off with the remaining juice)

If we're feeling even the slightest bit off, fresh juice will make us both feel better instantly!

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