Feb 17, 2010

Home made Pho (sort of)

Last week when Geoff and I were both sick with the Head Cold, (Capitals people) we ate a lot of soup.
And a lot of oranges, but soup was high up there on the list.

And I had picked up this really amazing roast beef at the Red Barn Market at Mattick's Farm that I wanted to really enjoy before it went off (as sometimes happens when we get deli meat becuase we both forget all about it.) But all of the meat from Red Barn Market is SOOO GOOD. Like, So Good. So we are much better at remembering we have it and it get's eaten up pretty fast. Particularly the bacon. Oh god the BACON! It's so good there that I will actually not eat any other kind of bacon now.

It's that good. And it's hormone and nitrate free (except for the nitrates that occur naturally from the smoking. But that doesn't count)

Anyway, I digress.
So we were feeling sickly and wanted soup and I found a recipe on The Kitchn, which of course I can't pull up now, but you should think about browsing that site anyway because it's great. Really.

So we made a version of it and it was really good.
So good that I took a picture.

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