Feb 23, 2010

Art Wall update (Introducing Mr. Sinister Bunny)

As you may remember (if you read this ridiculous blog) I have started an art wall in our suite. It's been pretty fun so far and I am really excited to continue collecting art.

Hello Etsy, we're going to get very familiar!

When I have expendable income, whenever that may be.

Last week I picked up some picture hangers so that I could hang up this guy, the newest member of the Art Wall Family.

Mr. Sinister Bunny, a Janamade original (yeah you like that?, I know!) is likely going to mosey over to the shop to sniff around, and see if anyone wants to take him home.
He's totally house trained, and will menace your bad dreams away.

That's right. He's like a Body Guard Bunny. For your DREAMS.

I am thinking I might have to do a series of Sinister Woodland critters, would you like one?

You should tell me, and maybe it will happen!


Sara said...

Sinister woodland critters? Sign me up (seriously).

Jana May said...

Yeah!! I am thinking that a Sneaky Fox and a Grumpy Badger are next!

And I am going to have to do a Tweaked out Whippet. Not particularly "Woodland" related, but I live with it firsthand.



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