Feb 24, 2010

New header!

I've been continuing with the changes I have listed in my trusty little book and the header was the next on the list!

What do you think?

It's a close match to my business cards, which are totally awesome, and again, thanks to Kathryn for those too!

I messed around with the header, but I used the files that she gave me.

I've got a couple more little things I want to do, tidy up the sidebar on the right and add another link to the left, and maybe change the font of the whole thing? Not sure, but I'm working on it!

Oh and my domain name? Getting that sorted out has been a bit of a nightmare.
I've got my name renewal through DomainPeople and so far it's been a headache. I am starting to think that canceling everything all together and risking someone snagging up janamade.com might have been worth it. I just didn't want to lose my .com address that I thought that the way that I did it was the easiest way.

Apparently not.

I am still waiting to hear back from them about the last email I sent them.

It had better be soon.


on a completely different note, look at the size of this avacado!

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