Feb 21, 2010

"I just did a bad thing"

That's what I said to Geoff the other day when I made MY OWN NUTELLA.
From scratch.

No one should have this information.


WHO is to stop me from making it ALL THE TIME??

No one, that's who. Only myself, and I am totally unreliable on the willpower/what's good for me front.

But it's so easy. And so intensely delicious.
And if you think about it, not really bad for you at all, so why am I getting so worked up?
It's literally just hazelnuts, cocoa and agave nectar. There is nothing bad for you there. in fact here is exactly what went into it...

and all you really need is a coffee grinder (or blender, we just don't have one here in town so coffee grinder it is) and a bowl and a spoon.
I used 2 grinderfuls of hazelnuts, buzzing them up until it was a fine meal (in a blender you could make it a butter and it would be creamier I bet) then put that into a bowl.
Added 2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder, and probably 3 tablespoons agave.
stir it up and you've got this...

it was thicker than nutella, not really very creamy, more like fudge.


so I rolled it up in between my hands to make nutella snakes out of it, then wrapped those bad boys up in le fresh crepes.


I had to take a bite out of one so you could see the filling ratio.
It's all for you, I hardly enjoyed it at all don't you know.

These were INTENSE, super chocolatey and we could only eat 2 each.
So next time I'll use less filling to balance it out.

Oh yes, I am planning a next time.


Unknown said...

Just because we are talking about super "healthy" things made of agave, cocoa and nuts, here is the most amazing dessert of all time. I have made it three times in the last two weeks just so everyone I know can taste it.
I'm sorry because it's pretty much 100% fat and you're welcome because it will blow your mind!

Jana May said...

Oh My God. That Thing Looks Amazing!!
Thank you! I will have to give that a try!


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