Sep 4, 2009

Watch out! It's a long one!

Geoff and I are going to be moving again at the end of the month. He got into School so it's going to be a lot nicer for him to not have to commute for 2 hours everyday through the winter.

I have been taking the commuter bus all summer, but they've just canceled the route on our side of the lake, so as of today I am commute-less.

Luckily Geoff's classes are regular morning to regular afternoon hours, so I am looking forward to driving in together.

I am actually pretty excited to Winter in the City, mm yes dahling, don't you know we have a lovely little town house there.

Mmm I know dear, and the restaurants are just DIVINE.
(I have to say it with a very posh accent whenever I tell people.)

Plus the idea of having a social life is a little bit thrilling (and daunting at the same time.)
I was thinking about it the other week and I realized that I haven't really had a night life since Halifax and NSCAD.
(which is really fine by me most of the time, I would usually rather be inside with a book than waiting in line somewhere, but being able to go out dancing if I felt like it?? Rad.)

I am going to admit to being a little bit jealous that he's going back to school too.
Back To School is one of my favorite times of year, the air is changing, getting crisp and cool. And I really loved School. Not elementary or high school.

Who in their right mind enjoys high school?

I do not know anyone.

But I LOVED College and University.
Yes I went to Art School, but I still loved it.

I loved drinking coffee before class, tired and miserable.
I loved that first week where the teachers are all keen (before midterms have wiped everyone out) and all my fellow students were fresh and ready for the deluge of information that was about to crash over us.
I loved thermos' of tea and bags of snacks. (Oh I still do this one)

Even thinking about it now is making me happy. I might have to steal onto campus and sit in on some lectures!

September and Back to School makes me crave sweater vests, argyle and cordouroy!

And halfway through the month it's officially Fall and the air really changes and I get to start wearing my boots again and look at (and yearn for) winter coats.

Every year I think that I will get something chic, but I always end up with something practical. Although my Red Coat is still in great shape and I don't really need a new coat.
It's just fun to look.

And knitting! Oh my god I love to knit in the Fall! One thing, every year.

I think what it is, is that I get swept up by the possibilities.
There is so much potential in the air and inspiration everywhere.

Plus Fall Clothes are THE BEST.

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