Sep 27, 2009

It's that time again

I have been thinking about getting new glasses for a little while now. Since I have been wearing my hair with a heavy fringe the lovely glasses I have now are a little too heavy and I feel like I look a little bit like a literary turtle.

Plus I have a tiny face and the dark, heavy frames with my dark heavy bangs is just a bit much.

And about a month ago, my Mom and I went out looking for some new frames for her, and it's started me thinking about new frames for me.

I had thought that I had found the Right Frames on that first trip.
A pair of Alfred Sung frames that were really lovely.
Surprisingly a black frame, but they felt so much lighter than my current pair.

But I was so wrong.

I have found the pair I need. They are amazing. Beautiful. Sophisticated and quirky all at the same time.

I need them.

This photo doesn't really do them justice too. The ones that I tried on were a different colour, bronze and brown with the most amazing art nouveau details on the earpieces.

My Mom even found her new glasses too. Also Takumi frames! Amazing.

(I would link to the Takumi website but all I could find were online eyeglasses shops that sold Takumi frames. Takumi .com is up for grabs I guess!)

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