Sep 4, 2009

Coveting again

I have been eyeing up something like this for a while now.
I've been missing music in my studio for AGES.

Turning all the speakers from the TV towards my room only cuts it so much.
Plus I can't even count how many times I have tripped on the cords.

So what I have been wanting, coveting is something that is sleek, minimal and kind of retro. Ish. I seem to lean more towards wood than metal, when I think about decorating anyway. It just feels warmer I think.

And I would like to find something that is Ipod compatible so I can just pop The Gadget in there and get going. (did you notice the Capital? Yep, I'm bringing it back!)

I saw something like this in a store once, and it was $400!

So I will keep coveting.


(How beautiful is this set up? I am trying to remember whose blog I originally saw this on, I am really bad at keeping track, as I am always skimming through in the middle of the night or dashing through before Geoff Needs the computer back! Sorry)

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