Sep 11, 2009

Ebay is breaking my heart

I bid on a cute little bag last week and didn't win it.
NO ONE bid on it until the middle of the night last night WHILE I WAS SLEEPING, and I got the sad email when I woke up.


It was cute too.

I was so bummed that I perused ebay for similar items AND THEY HAVE ANOTHER ONE!!
so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get oinked out from under me again.

(I know that is sort of what ebay is all about, but come on! I am just looking to get a cute affordable bag people!)

*I won it I won it I won it!! Ack the excitement is driving me wild!
I even woke up early so I could outbid someone if they were going to sneak in at the last moment, but I didn't have to! Which is great because now I am up and dressed and ready to get to work for the rest of the day!*

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