Sep 24, 2009

really? This is what I was waiting for?

I kind of expected that my 30's would be a sophisticated whirlwind of glamour.

Okay fine, not really.

But I didn't expect that within 2 months of turning 30 I would...
1. compress the cartilage in my wrist DOING THE DISHES. Yeah, I know.
2. tweak my knee moving a CHAIR. Yes it gets better.
3. tweak my back by wearing fancy shoes for 30 minutes and carrying a heavy bag.


And my knee and my back were ONE DAY APART.

one day.

So that as I am typing this I am reminded that I have to tape my wrist (because I haven't done that yet and I might need to brush my teeth or something.)
And the rest of the packing I have to do up at the lake this afternoon is going to be a hilarious lesson in very careful movements while heaving boxes into the car.

Welcome to your 30's old lady.

Now I need to go out and adopt some cats.

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