Sep 6, 2009

Lonny Magazine

I have been browsing the internet this morning while eating breakfast, drinking tea and now eating lunch.
(I overslept this morning so this whole process has actually only taken 2 hours, and there was a shower in there too. I'm just saying)

And I came across this post on The Scoop (Orange Beautiful-which is a great blog by the way)

So I checked out the magazine's home page (it's to be an online format) and from the mission statement and the cover picture it looks like it might be a replacement for my sorely missed Domino Magazine.
(Just for the record I would SUBSCRIBE FOREVER if Domino came back. Are you listening Conde Nast?? ARE YOU???)

Ahem, so anyways, I plan to check this out when it's available. (right now it's just the first 3 pages)
It's slated to be out in September, so I will be sneaking over there for the next three weeks to see.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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