Mar 5, 2013

Toddler Tuesdays :: FISH!

Here on the island we have a little Aquarium that is home to a variety of molluscs, shellfish and fish.
Our Boy Sonny is a big fan of animals and so getting him out there to check it out was a no brainer.

They have a Toddler activity hour, that we missed by 15 minutes naturally, every Tuesday.  I was sold on the annual pass however so we'll go back again soon!

He was so sweet this trip, there was a little girl we met who is exactly one month younger than him and he made sure that once they and officially met that he held her hand and showed her around!

(picture him reaching for her hands, over and over saying "HANDS!" and dragging her around.  She finally had to put a stop to it and politely push him away... but we were chatting with her Mom and they have grandparents in our neighborhood so hopefully we'll run into them again at the park nearby)

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