Mar 28, 2013


 I am so in love with this Janalope stamp. 

I stamped WAAY more than I needed to, since I only made a litter of 4 creatures this past run.
But let me tell you how satisfying it is to press that stamp onto the cards and pull it away to see THIS!

It's really satisfying is what I will tell you.

In honor of the season I made a litter of cats and rabbits and one cat in a rabbit suit.
All modeled after Sonny's original Stanley Cat.

This is Stanley cat in a Rabbit Suit.

And this is Stanley Cat in Chesterfield Mint.
(I KNOW!  I couldn't help myself.  Literally when I stuffed him up I was all" Seriously Chesterfield Mint??  Where have you been all my life??)

They all have lower back tattoos, because they are rebellious like that.
Plus COME ON how cute is that?

And they are all at Hip Baby on Johnson Street now if you need to meet them in person.
(there is also a stripey blue Stanley Cat and Rupert Rabbit chilling over there as well.)

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