Mar 13, 2013

Battle of The Broccoli Stalk

It all began simply enough, as these things often do.

We were having Noodles and Broccoli for lunch.  (I am not really sure why I am capitalizing it but whatever.  Go with me)  Nice spiral noodles, cooked in chicken broth YEAH I KNOW! with some really lovely organic brocolini... all mixed together with some garlic, butter, and a little nutritional yeast for a little extra "cheesiness."  (Sonny and I can't have dairy you see)  Oh, and hemp hearts.


Well.  SOMEONE, ahem Sonny, happily eats all the noodles... carefully extracting anything green from each one before eating it.  Adorable.

Then the demands for more noodles begin.

"eat your broccoli please"
no    noodles.

"Eat some broccoli and we'll talk about it"


"That's fine, but you aren't going to eat anything else until you eat some broccoli"

Now ensues the perfect strategy, consisting of alternating whines, pleads, crying and the brightest eyes you've ever seen while he switches gears in a second and coyly throws some
"Hi Mama"s at me.


He actually flirts with me under his lashes, big bright eyes smiling, trying to CATCH ME UNAWARES before super sweetly asking for more noodles!

45 minutes we did this.

Forty Five Minutes. (do you know what I could get DONE AROUND HERE IN 45 minutes??  A LOT that's what.)

I am in no way underestimating his stubborness.  Because it is NOTHING compared to mine.


I calmly sat in my chair at the table with him, trying desperately to maintain a poker face while he cajoled, pleaded, flirted and demanded noodles.  At one point he broke into song.

All of the broccoli was dropped, quite pointedly I might add, onto the floor.  All the while maintaining eye contact with me.

That's fine kid.

You are going to get all that cold broccoli for dinner.

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