Mar 25, 2013

getting ready for the week ahead!

I'm sitting here in front of my computer, looking at my list of "Things To Blog" and I am totally impressed that NONE of the prep work for ANY of them was completed this week!

Literally none of it. 

And to be totally fair I have actually had to take some time out of the studio this week due to an awesome detox reaction that has FOR REAL made my right hand a mess of blisters.

EWWW gross!

Yeah don't I know it.

It's finally starting to heal up to the point where I can kind of do stuff, like laundry, dinner and general day to day things.  But I worked on a pair of Mini Barnacle earrings (I would totally show pictures IF I ONLY COULD!) for a friend's birthday this week and it was all I could do to finish them.

It's so weird!

But.  It could be worse, and they are mending so I am just doing my best as we go.

So I am going to sign off here, and go take some pictures with my NEW IPHONE
(honestly, I don't know why I held out for so long) of some stamps that I carved up for a workshop that I did a few weeks back and I'll even take a picture of MYSELF (whaaat!) wearing a sample for another workshop THAT YOU CAN TOTALLY SIGN UP FOR coming up in a couple weeks.

We're stamping scarves!  You get to keep it!  Seriously, go check out Poppet's spring line up of workshops RIGHT NOW!

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