Mar 21, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting! :: Spring Rides

I am SO into riding my bike with Sonny.
I say that like we've EVER been out together on a bike.  Because we HAVE NOT.

But.  We.  Will.

I don't actually in reality have a bike right now.  Le Beasty-clette had to be mercifully put out to pasture last summer after languishing in the open car port the WHOLE time I was pregnant.

If you read this blog on the regular, you will be able to count on your fingers that Sonny is 2 soon.


Anyway, poor old weird Beasty-clette is no more and I am on the look out for an adult trike.
Yeah that's right.  I still want one.

And I am going to put a kid seat on the front so Sonny and I can take our morning adventures to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of AWESOME.

Like these fine examples of family riding found via Pinterest.


One day little buddy.
(I am trying to decide if I should ask for a trike for my's not until the end of the summer, but then we could ride next year for sure!)

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I drove by a woman riding one of these backwards trikes the other day with a kid in the front and I ESPed you really hard (because I was driving and couldn't text). AND THEN I FIND THIS ON YOUR BLOG. God I'm powerful.


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