Mar 19, 2013

Toddler Tuesdays :: First time on the Ferry

We took a family trip off the island for the first time.

That might be all the news I can share here.  It was a Big Deal!
We don't get the chance to do trips away very often around here, with school and work schedules being as hectic as they are.  But we planned ahead for Geoff's reading break to take a night away.


Not so bad actually.  I was anticipating it being Much Worse, but other than two days without napping, in which he became somehow more intensely himself... does that make sense?
(He's usually pretty gregarious and friendly, and he just got louder and friendlier.)  It was easy peasy!

It was great.  We got to see some friends who we haven't seen in two years and we also got to visit with our old Vancouver Landlady and take a peek through the old apartment!  So fun!

Plus there is this funny little set up on the Ferries now with a climbing boat and a big TV in the corner.  Sonny got hooked on Thomas the Tank Engine for a while.


1 comment:

nook. said...

haha i think bc ferries does a pretty good job with the play areas. owen always has a blast on the ferry! so glad you had a chance to get away even for a night! family adventures are fun. xo


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