Jul 10, 2008

The Chopping Block

You may remember, not too long ago I mentioned that I got my haircut.
I posted a picture and everything.

Today I went in and had my bangs trimmed. For Free.
He wouldn't let me tip him!

So I am blogging about him to garner him some much deserved business.
Because people, my haircut is AMAZING.

I literally have to do PRACTICALLY NOTHING and it's cute as hell all day.
(all I do is gently blow dry my bangs. for like, 30 seconds.)
That's It.

I have rocked some awesome hair in my time, my short hair, for example, is a highlight.
(amazing short hair when I worked at Bolen Books.)

But this haircut feels like where I am right now. Low key, sophisticated (I'm working on it) and Cute As Hell.

So if you are in the Vancouver area, and want to get a rad haircut?
Go see Alan at the Chopping Block.

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