Jul 5, 2008

The Air Canada Dress

Last night I made up this dress. I had been thinking about it for a while, and I had some sweet Swiss Dot fabric that I had picked up the last time I was at the fabric store.

This thing is SO Comfortable.
So much so that I am going to have to make several variations so I can have one for every day of the week.
(look at the SHOES!! Half price! Wee!)

I know the pictures are a little dark, but I am always finishing projects at night and I am usually too excited and have to take pictures!
Plus it's a black dress.
So there.

I made the pattern by laying out a tshirt that I liked and tracing the outline of the front and back, and I just extended it to dress length. The collar I sort of copied from a sweater that FGI makes and the sleeves are from a Built by Wendy pattern that I like.
The back of the skirt, which you can't see -sorry!- has an extra panel of fabric to make walking up stairs a little easier since the Swiss Dot doesn't have a lot of stretch. Plus is a little extra flounce which is cute cute cute!

Oh and the little bird! The collar was a little too Star Trek at first and I wanted something that I could layer a cardigan over, so I pinned down one side (which also happens to have a mini pleat (ACK! The Cuteness!) and sewed on the little shell bird bead.

I still have to hem the bottom of the skirt, and I am thinking that I'll hit it with some bias tape.

Then I will wear it every day!


Julie said...

ahhhh so lovely!
so talented ;)

Bay said...

I heart this dress so much. I want one or 5 of it. Move here faster!


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