Jul 3, 2008

Cabin fever and engagement rings

We're back from our AMAZING weekend on the island. It was scorching hot and fabulous the whole time.
It was hard to get off the ferry and head back into the big city, but we did it.

We are very strong.

All weekend we got up with the sun and went to sleep when it got dark, which is such a good feeling. No groggy mornings, just "Oh! I'm awake now! Let's go eat breakfast on the deck and go for a swim."

Real tough.

On Sunday morning I got up at 6:30. AM!! And I was totally cool with it.
Norman was a little unsure, but he's a trooper so he was all good after a little while.

(He's all "Wha?? Can't you see I am trying to cozy with my bear here?")

(The lake at 6:30 in the morning.)

(The new hat. I am channeling JT here)

The Ferry ride over was so perfect too. It reminded me very much of the first ferry ride that I can remember, when my family took a trip to Victoria from Winnipeg as a kid.
So I took a lot of pictures to recapture the moment!

I am considering having one of these ferry photos blown up big and framing it.
I was really feeling that boat ride!

Weekend + Lake = Awesome.

And just in case you are all flipping out from the post title here, the engagement ring is not mine. It's actually The Big Project that I have been working on for the last while. I finished it last week and they are officially engaged!
So now I can share the finished product.

It's a style that I don't usually work in, and in a totally new material for me (18k white gold) which posed a few more problems that I had anticipated. But it came out all right in the end.
And next weekend I am starting wedding bands for some other lovely friends of mine.
Busy busy!

Now I will leave you with this (And Sandra, this is really for you.)

This loveseat is the one piece of furniture that I couldn't leave in Halifax. It started off as Sandra's loveseat. And Geoff actually completely unloaded the Uhaul and reloaded it in torrential rain (by himself I should add) so that we could take it with us when we realized that it wouldn't fit. Because he is so amazing.
So now that loveseat is living large at the cabin, which is perfect, perfect, perfect.


Sandra said...

A) Yayyy!! I am happy she has a good home with you guys. How I miss the days of the loveseat and hanging in Hali. *sigh* sweet nostalgia...
B) I did have a mild panic attack that you were the engaged reference - only bc I never imagined I would have to find out about it via blog!! Let that be a warning to you. When it happens, I get a phone call, ok?
C) The engagement ring is gorgeous!! Well done.

Love you and miss you :)

Sandra xoox

Julie said...

what a lovely ring!!! i can't wait to see ours ;) I'm so excited you are making them for us you just don't understand :D
So happy you had a nice relaxing time up at the lake, it sad to get back to business isn't it?

Jana May said...

Thanks guys! It is really hard to focus on working when the weekend is SOO nice!
But I am a trooper.
What can I say!


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