Jul 7, 2008

$10 + 2 hours = NEW DRESS

Yesterday I picked up this lovely LINEN (Yeah folks, I took it there) at the fabric store by my house. I also happened to pick up thread and bias tape that matched.

And then I drafted a paper pattern of the Air Canada dress that I made up the previous day.

So I didn't really have a choice after that. I HAD to find out if the pattern was going to work.

Is there an Anonymous group for crafters?
I think I might need to find one.

Now I know you are wondering, "Is she actually this ridiculous in real life?"

The answer is, Yes.
Yes I am.


Anonymous said...


It's not a bad forum for craftsters. Can be helpful for advice and for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

You may say ridiculous however I call it fantastic.

S. xoox

floating gold iceberg said...

The dress is wonderful!! way to go! I think I want one!

P.S. Is there a kitten in the mix?


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