Feb 15, 2013

Sushi cones for lunch (or as I have started to call them, Sushi Burritos)

Calling them burritos is totally unfair.  They are delicious Cone Rolls and I shouldn't be obnoxious.
But I had never tried one before a few weeks ago, where on a whim, and an open minded food choice feeling (when you've got restrictions like we do trying new foods is hit and miss) I ordered one when I was out for lunch with my Sister and my Mom and I am HOOKED.

The first thing I thought was "Oh it's a delicious sushi burrito!" and it stuck in my head.

Oh and they are SO GOOD!
I decided to try and recreate them at home last week when we had a friend staying with us from the mainland and it was the perfect build your own lunch!

We usually have sheets of nori around for Sonny, as they are nice healthy snacks and the kid LOVES it.  And we had everything else in the pantry just waiting for me to figure it out.

I made a simple salmon salad with a can of sockeye and some vegan mayo (Sonny and I are off eggs) and sliced up avacado and cucumbers and prepped the brown rice with some rice wine vinegar.

Some braggs and tamari on the side and we were rolling (har har!)

I found a photo tutorial on rolling the cones here via Pinterest.

I expect that we will be eating these a lot around here for a while!

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