Feb 5, 2013

Easy Banana Ice Cream

So.  We've been pretty good about keeping our sweets to the weekend.
(I say this as I LITERALLY just finished eating a chocolate donut... it's Tuesday)

This past weekend we had an Earl Grey Tea Cake from The Flying Apron Cookbook.
Quite delish.  Vegan and gluten free and sweetened with maple syrup and honey.

And LAST weekend, the weekend after the SUPER INTENSE CHOCOLATE CAKE EXPERIENCE we went with something a little lighter and tried the 2 ingredient banana ice cream that's made it's way across the Pinterest scene.  A bit like a floozy, you saw it everywhere.

But it gets around for a reason.  It's damn good.

It was easy as heck (again, a bit floozy), literally 2 ingredients and a blender is all we used.
And we saved half of it in the freezer for the next day and it totally held up.  The texture was still smooth like a soft serve ice cream and no flavour changes.

We will definitely make it again!

I used the images and the recipe found here.

1 comment:

Heather Anne said...

Ummmm totes trying this!! Thanks for the heads up.


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