Feb 6, 2013

AMMAS Prospector Necklace

I have been working out a disc pendant in my head for a very long time.
If you follow me on pinterest you will notice a theme in a lot of my jewellery board.  And that theme is that I like simple, everyday pieces that can be layered with other, flashier statement jewellery.

(maybe that doesn't shine through specifically, but that IS what I like.  Also it's easy for me to say that because I am the one doing the pinning and I know my own dear self in this regard.  In others not so much maybe, but we're all works in progress right?)

Regardless, I have been stewing on a simple disc pendant because I LOVE the classics, and my eye grabs onto the subtle flash of light that reflects off of something that sits close to the throat.

But I have been re working it over and over in my head because I need to make mine a little bit interesting, something that you wouldn't necessarily see everywhere, and it needed to have a bit of meaning.

This is the first finished AMMAS Prospector pendant.
It's made entirely from reclaimed 14k yellow gold.  The pendant itself is the very first engagement ring that I made for myself, and the chain was my Gramma's.  I opened up the chain and added the pendant directly into it, because that is a style that I REALLY like.

I used the fuzing technique that I use with my AMMAS series (which will be put back into production again... I am working through the materials I have on hand, trying not to bring in any more until I've worked through some of it, and I am nearly out of silver!) and I had a crescent moon floating around in my head too.


Here it is.

What do you think?

I am hoping to make a couple more in silver for the Fox Fair next week.


nook. said...

wow! jana. that's beautiful! you have such an eye for this!! i love it a lot... xo

Jana May said...

Thanks Rebecca!
I've got three silver ones started for the Fox this weekend!


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