Mar 12, 2010

a weekend to myself

is pretty damn exciting let me tell you.

It IS.

Geoff has gone up to the lake to work on a couple of projects, and he's taken the dog with him.

Which means that I have 2 nights and 3 days to myself to do WHATEVER I WANT!

You might think that means spa nights and pool boys feeding me grapes and fanning me with one of those weird pool scoopers or something while I lounge on the lawn...


But it does not.

It DOES however include cleaning the bathroom (swoon!) vacuuming (gasp!) and working on a couple of commission pieces with NO INTERUPTIONS!


I would open the door for this guy though.

He can help me fold laundry if he wants.

(I found Sam's picture from one of his "official" fan sites, sorry, I can't remember which one.)

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