Mar 24, 2010

Fossil Pendants (and a pair of earrings)

These are the new pendants I've been working on for the last little while.
I have been in a position to be extra creative, figuring out how to make something interesting without buying any new materials! I had the pendants themselves cut out of silver sheet for another project that ended up not working out the way I intended. And I picked up an electric engraver for yet another project a little while back. And I remembered a fusing tutorial I had at school years ago that I never really explored after that class, and it all came together to make these...

I am really loving them. The pendants are heavy 1.5mm sheet, so they feel substantial, and the engraved feathers turned out so well next to the texture of the fused silver that they really remind me of fossils.

So that is what I'm calling them. Fossil Pendants.
I even engraved an ammonite to see how I would like it,

And I whipped up a pair of earrings too, with the feathers engraved on each one...

with a certain someone in mind, who was hoping for some Janamade earrings with a nature theme.

I really like these guys!

What do you think?

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