Mar 25, 2010

Walk with your Head up

I am a foot watcher.
When I was little, my Amma used to take me on walks, running errands and generally keeping me occupied. One of the lessons she taught me while we were out and about was to always keep your eye on the ground. "You never know what you might find." I mostly only found dirty old toys left behind by some other tot on a walk, but she found some pretty amazing things.

She once found a heavy gold bracelet, which ended up being appraised for A LOT.
(She found it on the golf course and took it to the clubhouse. No one claimed it so she got to keep it!)

And it became a force of habit for me to keep my eyes on the ground while I am out walking, which has saved me from tripping over my own feet inumerable times.

(I have huge feet)

A few weeks ago I came across this. RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE.

It was so inspiring because I did just that, I looked up and I found THIS!

That is the tree in front of our house.
That afternoon was brightened up significantly after that.




I love that post. Makes me smile

On weekends my husband takes our babe out for early morning strolls so I can sleep. A few weeks ago he spied quite a prize on the sidewalk. Right next to a big doggy deuce was a note scrawled with angry writing and terrible spelling. It read: Hey asshole, pick up your dog shit or I'll bet your ass. I now were you liv.

Not as sweet as your tale, but it makes me smile too!

joe said...



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