Mar 1, 2010

Loudspeaker Festival

Last week I was invited to take part in the Loudspeaker Festival Market at the Victoria Event Center. It's this weekend and I am pretty excited. It will be my very first solo market. I really enjoyed the Out of Hand and Rebel Rebel shows that I did with FGI, and I am hoping that this will be just as fun!

So come on down this weekend, Saturday and Sunday March 6th and 7th to the Victoria Event Center on Broad Street. It starts at 1pm on both afternoons and I'll be there with my own little booth set up! And I've been working on some New Things to debut there as well, so I know you'll definitely want to pop by now right?!!

I'd love to see you there!

(I'm working on my booth this afternoon and so far it's pretty hilarious and cute! It's really just a table spread, but it's still pretty great! If I do say so myself.)

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