Feb 23, 2009

This is a real thing!

I found this via A Small Fox in a Big World and I am currently flipping my lid!

If you recall, I REALLY love Jane Austen. Particularly Pride and Prejudice.
And even though I can't watch any of the new horror movies that they are coming out with these days since I watched Dawn of the Dead (I STILL get nightmares from that one. Yeugh.) I used to REALLY love zombies too.
I still love Evil Dead style zombies. Bruce Campbell makes it all good.

So this book has definitely peaked my interest.
I might even have to break my vow of only borrowing books from the library from now on in order to HAVE it.

I might make it a reward for being a good little bench worker and getting some jewellery made and sent out.
(I've been procrastinating BAD today. I've tried out TWO new recipes. FOR SHAME!!)

That would be okay.

Yep, definitely.


The Gabe said...

I've already go it on pre-order from Chapters. You can read it when I'm done!

Jana May said...



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