Feb 6, 2009

Blogging is weird

I am an AVID blog reader.
Which made me consider starting my own blog.
Yes the intent was to showcase jewellery and use it as an avenue to promote myself.

But if you are reading this you know that I mostly chat about crafty things like embroidery, sewing ideas and random silly notes about the dog.

And shoes that I like.

I found myself this morning checking out GlutenfreeGirl and she made a comment about how she loves twitter and that she started a facebook page.
Of course I immediately became a fan.
She also mentioned that if I wanted to befriend her on facebook I could.

Because she is of course blogging directly to ME.

And I was all "AWESOME!! I could be friends with her on facebook and we could totally hit it off and we will be BEST FRIENDS"
Because she seems like a really cool chick, I like reading her blog, we both live glutenfree and she's got a lovely husband and amazing baby.
I have a lovely fiance and a coddled dog.

That's pretty close.

But my reaction got me thinking.
I would probably react this way if any of the bloggers that I regularly read said something similar because I feel like I know them.
From reading their blogs.

Which is WEIRD. Because I certainly don't know them, I am familiar with what they share with the INTERNET.
And they definitely don't know me!
I am just one random person that has bookmarked them on my computer and reads about their daily lives.

Now I am the weird one.

But what I am wondering now is this. Does anyone have this blog bookmarked on their computers? Is there someone out there (that I don't already know, Mom you don't count!) who stumbled across this silly little thing and was like "Whoa! This chick is hilarious, and she makes interesting things, I think I'll see what she's up to again!"?

Now you all know that I think I'm hilarious.

I was just thinking about that just now.
That's all.


Heatherness said...

Blogging IS weird.

I had this revelation today when I saw that someone in Pune, India had read my blog for 30 minutes.

But I like that. It trips me out.

When I saw the link on Geoff's facebook status one day, my natural curiosity got the better of me and I clicked. And then I was like...cool. This chick is funny and gluten free. And likes shoes. I will be back.

Jana May said...

I read YOUR blog this morning too!

Elisabeth Ingram said...

I stumbled (from searching for 'jewellery' on delightfulblogs.com), and I did think Whoa! Your blog is great and really funny(and your jewellery is lovely, too!). I like your honesty and personal insights (like the stuff about your hair, your dog...): I really admire the ability to write about how every day life truly is (mostly bad and good at the same time).

One post struck home: I also live with my partner, we both live and work in the same room in sunny Scotland- I hammer my metal (or write; only slightly more peaceful due to me kicking stuff every time it goes badly), while he tries to write and edit on his laptop. It must be love!

So I thought I should probably comment, and say that your blog is, as promised, delightful!

Best wishes - Lis

Jana May said...

Ack! That is so great!
It's so nice to hear that I am not the only one who kicks out the frustrations!
Thank you so much for your comment!

You guys are so awesome.


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