Feb 4, 2009

pancakes, sunsets and Stinkers

This morning we had pancakes for breakfast.
Yeah that's right, PANCAKES.

Gluten free ones obviously.

And you know what the EASIEST thing is?
Picking up a prepackaged gluten free flour and switching it out for regular flour.
This time we used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour blend.
We ran out of the mix that I usually make up myself, and the health food store didn't have any sorghum OR garfava.
So I panicked and searched for an alternative.

It's not too bad.
I think that in all honesty I prefer our scratch mix, but in a pinch this was pretty good.

I made two batches of chocolate cookies this week (shut up I know!) using this flour and while they weren't the INSANITY that these cookies are known for, they were pretty damn delicious.

I did make them twice after all.


This little stinker is a late Christmas gift for Alex. At Floating Gold Iceberg we drew names for our Christmas swap and I got the lovely Miss Alex.
She's not expecting this, and he came together through divine inspiration.
Back in Art School I used to draw these hilarious little demons on EVERYTHING and I have been thinking about bringing them back.
This is their first new incarnation.
I am loving embroidery again right now.

And tonight we had a BEAUTIFUL sunset. All day it was gorgeous, not even that cold, and when I popped outside to bring Indiana Jones in (long story) I caught a glimpse of it and had to run inside for the camera.


Chrissy said...

As far as pre-packaged gluten free flour goes, I LOVE Jules' Nearly Normal flour that I order online. Much better than Bob's in my opinion and uses expandex so the baked goods don't go old! I use it in my favorite Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies...delicious!

Deedee said...

I would LOVE to see those little demaon guys on a necklace, or charm, or something. Adorable.


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