Feb 16, 2009

Out from under my reading rock

I read pretty much non stop from Wednesday until last night at 6pm.
Yes there was work in there, but I will admit to being slightly distracted and really just thinking about getting back to my couch so I could read some more!
And all last night I felt like I was at loose ends... no more Twilight.


Today I've got LOTS to do to make up for all of that time.
I've got a whole sheet of copper that I am going to turn into earrings.
Plus a couple of requests to get on top of!

In other completely unrelated news, I uploaded the photos from my camera this morning.

My parents have 4 huge dogs. I know I've mentioned this before.
Bailey, the mama bear, watched TV and LEAPS and barks at it any time she sees an animal.
We were watching Transformers, so there were only a couple.
But she was on the lookout the whole time!

And I love that picture of my Afi.

I did manage to get a little bit of work done during my reading break.
This pendant was a commission for a friend of a friend. The arrow is 14k yellow gold and the "Dan" can come off as a seperate pendant if she wants.
Dan had me make it up for his girl for Valentines day!
So sweet!

1 comment:

Julie said...

oh that's awesome! its way different than i expected...LOVE how you can take the name off for a separate necklace...two in one, classy!


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