Feb 16, 2009

bike bikes bikes bikes!

I am having a bit of a covet attack for cool cruiser style bikes.
I sold my bike last fall, because it was WAY too heavy to ride to work, it took me an hour and my legs were JELLY when I got home the one time I tried last summer.
But I really miss it now!
I am visualizing the summer time fun I could have with a new (to me) bike.

And my favorite of all?
The Adult Tricycle.
Yeah, that's right.

Look at the BASKETS!!

I actually took a trike for a test drive a couple summers ago and it was SO AWESOME.
Way less heavy than my previous bike if you can imagine it, and smooth.
Plus think of all the groceries I could pack into that back basket!
I could even pick up hitch hikers in one of those babies!

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