Apr 3, 2008

While the Cat's away...

The mouse works her little butt off.
Yes it's true, I am going to focus my attention on building up some inventory this weekend while Geoff is on the island working. This is a good opportunity for both of us to get some work done without distractions.
So I am going to work on Mini Tag pendants, Tag pendants (new design! Ooh!) and finish up as much of the stuff currently lounging on my bench.
Since I sent off some stock to Nelson, I realized that my larder has become low. So I am going to remedy that by making more stuff!
And when I run out of materials, I'll order more and start again!

And possibly make a cute summer blouse.

We'll see about that last one. It's not super high on my priority list if I am looking at a list made up of stuff I should do.
But it's pretty high on the list of things I want to do.

Got to work on that balance.

I'll leave you with this...
I saw this amazing neckpiece online yesterday and I have to share.
Found it on www.mintd.com The seller's name is Dandelion Street and holy crap! SO beautiful.

They are actual rose petals in there.
I know they aren't laminated, it looks like she's got bezels in there, but MAN! This makes me want to get a laminator and laminate everything in sight.
Similar to my desire to embroider everything in sight as well.

Which I am still working on.

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