Apr 22, 2008

Run to the hills

Run for your lives!

The nano is in my hands.
This one.

What's the first thing I played? And what is playing right now?

Yeah, that's right.

Iron Maiden.

I love the world right now.

I may never speak to anyone ever again. I dare you to try to pull this thing away from me.


Deedee said...

You and Iron Maiden??
I just can't make that mesh in my brain. I dunno. It baffles me.

Jana May said...

It's a new love affair. I had no idea that I would like Metal, as I hadn't really listened to it.
But if it were 1987, I would rock the shredded t shirts and acid wash jeans, long hair and black leather.
They are coming to Vancouver this summer and we're going to try to get tickets.

I KNOW!! Who's have thought I'd be a metal head?

I'm growing my hair out as we speak.


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