Apr 26, 2008

summer blouses!

I have been a bad jeweller these past few weekends.
I have not been making jewellery.

I have been making summer blouses!
(I would capitalize that, but I want to keep you on your toes. Can't be throwing the capitals out there all the time)

Oh they are so fun and so cute! And I really don't want to make anything else right now.
Maybe summer dresses.

But this weekend I am going to be SO good and work mainly on jewellery. I've got some Lace to finish and a couple more Antler pendants that I want to whip up.
I'll have to buy some more chain soon, I am almost out.

And I have been taking the extra antler from my pendants and making BUTTONS!! Oh god, they are so flipping cute! I'll be putting those into the shop once I've got enough for an update. I've been pretty lax in the shop front for a while actually. Got to get back in there.

Anyway, here are some pictures to peruse.

I will take pictures of the first top that I did this week soon, I have to move some gathers around, but how cute is that fabric?? It's like a cute cosmic nurse top or something.
You'll see.
And I am SO in love with the navy blue top right now! Oh my! I finished it yesterday and wore it to work. It's the first pattern that I haven't had to alter to fit my body perfectly.
So obviously I'll have to make several in different colours and sleeve variations.

And I promise that this is the last I will post about my new nano (I'm just so excited). Yesterday I picked up headphones and a cover for it. I was freakishly paranoid about putting it in my pocket. I was sure that the screen would shatter as soon as I sat down. Nanos are really SMALL.
But now I feel fine about it and I am absurdly looking forward to my next ferry ride.
I know. I'm a weirdo.

Happy Saturday all!

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