Apr 19, 2008

100th post!

Oooh nelly!
I question whether this is something to get excited about or not, but dang it, I am excited anyway!
I have been INSPIRED in the studio this afternoon, I've got fabric in the dryer, getting ready to cut for a cute summer blouse.
Cute I tell you!
AND I was just hit with the lightening bolt of divine inspiration.
I have SO many antlers in my home. So many.
I have got my cross sections for my Antler Rings and I want to save a set for a hat/coat rack in the future(I haven't sorted out the best way to mount them yet)
And I have this picture that I have had on my (super sparse at the moment) inspiration board- this could be why I've been a bit of a slow poke in here for the last little while! Must amend this.
Anyway, I've had this picture on my board for AGES of a woman wearing a HUGE horn pendant.
That I love.
Obviously, look at all my capitol letters.

So I came up with this.
(please forgive me my overexposed, slightly blurry photos, I got caught up in the excitement!)

I'm going for something sophisticated and clean, I didn't want to over embellish it at all. I think the silver vertebrae is all it really needs.
I might try it on a hammered GOLD circle though.
I was originally thinking of wrapping gold wire around and around the top of the antler tip, with semiprecious stones thrown in for good measure.
Which I still might try.
And I still need to figure out how to solder/join the hammered silver circle without burning the heck out of the antler.

But I like it.
I think I know someone else who might like it too, who might have to get one for her birthday that I didn't even know happened last week.
Yeah you Erin.

In other 100th post news;
I've been working on new scrap Leather Feather Earrings.
That are cute as hell.
This is just one of them, but the camera's batteries died and I haven't bothered to switch them for new ones yet.
I know.
I'm lazy.

But they're pretty cute right?

And we've had the strangest, coolest weather the last couple of days.
Last weekend it was 18 degrees out and I got to wear SANDALS for the first time since last September.
It was awesome.

This weekend we got an Arctic freeze attack.
Check out the size of this hail!

I think that this is enough posting for one day.
(I know, 2 in one day seems a little much. What SHOULD I be doing is the question to ask yourselves.)
Work on jewellery is the answer!

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot.
We got into Out of Hand again.

Pretty great.


floating gold iceberg said...

NO no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!
I saw the first picture and I died!

And then I kept reading and I started to laugh!

It is such a beautiful thing!

I have two really neat ideas (maybe they are neat?) that I want to give to you cause I thought of all people you would be the person to take them and do something amazing with them. The first one is a pair of earings that are long rain drops in the shape of upside down hearts. all one piece maybe? And then there is a lariet with a circle on one end and a rain drop on the other end that slides through the circle....I have some drawings.
I've always wanted to make jewelry but don't really know anything about it so I leave it to people like you.
Anyways...that necklace is amazing!!

Deedee said...

I simply ADORE that second horn pendant.
So much so that I now FEEL THE NEED TO USE CAPS.


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