Apr 28, 2008

getting back on track

This weekend was a super fast blur. I got back into the studio for a while which was great, finished up the Lace pieces I had started cutting out AGES ago, and cut up some more antler tips for the Antler Pendants I showed a few posts ago. I really like their simplicity, and I think that is something I am going to roll with for a while.
I had sort of lost some inspiration and wasn't too excited about what I had been working on. But I am starting to get my head wrapped around it again and I am going to focus on my business plan and branding for the next little while.
I need to really see where this is going.

So that is the plan for the next couple of weeks, get back on track and have a solid vision of the future.


Visions of the future minus zombies and aliens obviously.
(yes I watch too much Space channel)

In totally unrelated news, I have been slowly gathering images of one piece summer rompers for the last little while without really noticing.

Can't have a blog post without adding something totally unrelated and slightly obscure.
Come on now.

I am working up the gumption to either make one or find one for the summer. Why not?
Yeah, I can't think of a reason not to either.

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