Nov 13, 2008

Out of Hand is less than a week away

and I am blogging instead of working on jewellery!
What is WRONG with me??


Today I am working on earring posts and necklace components.
I got word this week that my laser connection has some house problems of his own, so I am going to have fewer laser cut lace pieces than I expected.

I am not going to complain about it though, because that's not nearly so bad as what my poor friend is dealing with at his house.
And he's a trooper and is still going to try to cut more for me.

Because he's awesome.

My new and amazing displays arrived last week, and I don't have any pictures to share at the moment. I am trying to focus on the making of things, and save the photos for the show, once it's all set up and looking gorgeous!

Angie was over this past weekend as well and we went over all sorts of stuff for the show (I should say both shows because we're going to be doing Out of Hand as well and Rebel Rebel's Noel Bazaar the week after!)
We've got some new lighting that is going to be SO CUTE and not to mention effective.

So, instead of pictures of new work (which will come soon, I promise!) I'll leave you with some stuff I'm coveting from the internet.

I am picturing myself riding that bike with that bag in the front basket taking pictures of nature trails while in search of perfect picnic locations.

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