Nov 8, 2008

French toast, late starts and Rings of Engagement.

This morning we slept in hard.
I kid you not it was almost 11 when I looked at the clock.

So we lounged around a little bit and made French Toast.
Very delicious.
I threw a bit of vanilla into the egg mixture and it was lovely.

Today I am going to work on Lace earrings, I want to post a pair into my Etsy shop by tonight, and I've got necklaces to prepare for Out of Hand. And I really need to sit down and think about my artist statement for my updated website. (Kathryn is doing an AMAZING job and I am flipping out a little bit at the cuteness of it all)
And I've started thinking about Christmas gifts for family and friends, got to start working on those soon!
So I've definitely got lots to do.

But I can't stop looking at this.

It struck me last night that I will wear this ring on this finger for the REST OF MY LIFE.


And kind of thrilling.

I really love this little ring. I wasn't sure at first, the design came to me REALLY quickly on Thursday while I was working on earring posts. I literally had to stop and make it immediately.
So I did, and once it was totally done, I thought that it was a bit big, and that I should open it up and correct the connection of some of the beads.
So I did.
And I made it too small.
And I flooded 2 of the beads out with the solder.

So I had a bit of a cry on Thursday night about it. (hormones played a role in that as well I am not ashamed to say.)

And yesterday morning I sized it up. And today I am going to drill out some of the extra solder and open up those two beads.

But in all of that silliness and emotional drama -I do it to myself!- I have totally fallen in love with it.

And it's going to look AMAZING with the bling ring that joins it in July.

I have to go stare at my finger some more.
And I will consider getting dressed.

Happy Weekend All!

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