May 10, 2013

Where I Go Out for a Date with Myself

I may have mentioned before that I am a bit of a book nerd.
I met my HUSBAND when we both worked together at a bookstore.

And I know that I have shared Fionavar with you in the past, when I managed to coerce my book club into reading it last summer.

(I only just found out that one of the lovely ladies wasn't into it and now I question everything about her....mostly joking)

This book is in my Top 5.

And I got to go and see the Author OF MY VERY NEARLY FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME in real life.

It was similar to when I got to meet Terry Pratchett, only this time I wasn't working at the bookstore and couldn't manage to HUG HIM.  Because I sure as hell hugged Terry Pratchett.

No Joke.
(I have a picture of it inside my signed copy of Good Omens)

Anyway, bit of a digression there.

I went to see Guy Gavriel Kay when he came to speak in town and I am very happy to have gone.
I wasn't going to go, because our copy of Fionavar was up at the lake and I didn't get a chance to get up there for it before the event.  Our OTHER copy, because we had TWO, is still packed up under my parent's house.

But my dear and incredibly sweet husband surprised me with a fresh copy so that I could get it signed!

So I had it signed for Sonny.

And now we have THREE copies.

this makes me so weirdly happy.

(just look at those old timey chairs!  So Uncomfortable!)

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