Jan 12, 2013

Weekend sweets and pattern envy

After reading about Sunday Cakes over here at Bleubird I thought that it would be such a nice idea to start here at home.  We go WAY overboard on the sweets over here.  Seriously overboard.  And this past holiday season kind of did me in.

BUT I STILL EAT TOO MUCH.  Sweets I mean.  (I probably ate at least 1/3 of a Purdy's box at work in one afternoon. I'm not exaggerating either)

So this afternoon I thought we'd start the new tradition of making a sweet thing on the weekend and then THAT'S IT FOR THE WEEK.

So I made a chocolate spice cake with dark chocolate filling and a coconut honey glaze on top.


It is so intensely sweet that I just want to go brush my teeth and drink a Big glass of water.  Ugh.

And there is a HUGE portion of cake left!  I could only manage one piece and I had to kind of slog my way through it.

It is that sweet.

So I don't have any free time AT ALL.  I ridiculously thought that I'd make myself a new winter coat in January, but we're coming into week three, and I've got orders to fill and trades to finish and a show to prep for IN ONE MONTH that all of my non kid time is bench time.

Or baking stupid cakes.

But my sister in law sent me a link to BURDA STYLE and I am kind of losing my cool over it.

There are a few pieces that I really want to try my hand at.

Like these for example...

Or these...

So now that I've discovered it, I am obsessed and can't stop picturing myself dressed up in new made-by-me duds and generally feeling fancy.

(Maybe in March I can make myself something!)


Natalie B said...

Wondering where you found the picture of the girl on the bike. I really like that outfit!

Jana May said...

I found it on burdastyle.com... there is a pattern for that sweater!


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