Jan 25, 2013

*Mom Post*

* I felt like I should warn you that it's not jewellery or craft related with a little ** action.

This is STRICTLY function.

But man oh man.  It's a good one.

I have never even heard there was such a thing until I was a a play date with the lovely Kaisha and she pointed hers out.


That's right, a toilet sprayer.

This thing is quite possibly my new favorite thing in the house.  I'm not even joking.
This thing is AMAZING.  WE got one for christmas (the very one shown above in fact) and because we generally take a while to get to things around these parts it only got set up last week.  BUT LET ME TELL YOU!  It has made me feel warm fuzzy thoughts about my bathroom, the likes of which it has not felt in A LONG ASS, A VERY LONG TIME.

I kind of resent my bathroom.  For being the one room in the house that is the most disgusting, and yet, the most in need of TLC than any other.  And because we have a crazy, wiley toddler who is generally in charge of all things at all times (when he is awake) it doesn not get the attention it deserves.

Also, everyone poops in there and I don't need to deal with any more poop than I have to these days.

But This Thing!  Oh!  Now when we have a blow out (Moms and Dads, you know what I'm talking about) it is no longer a situation that involves horrific cringing and not so subtle power struggles "Babe!  I got the LAST ONE!" "BUT I'M BUSY DOING THIS OTHER SUPER IMPORTANT THING HERE RIGHT NOW!"

Now it's just a matter or putting the diaper into the bowl and SPRAYING THE HORROR AWAY.

Diaper sprayer... I love you.

It just casually sits on the side of the tank until we need it.  Super relaxed and stress free, because it knows we appreciate and value it.

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