Jan 22, 2013


 In the last 6 months I have started working on gifts for friends and family in the form of Stuffies.
At Christmas I made my two littlest nephews these two little weirdos...

This guy was originally designed as a robot, but it didn't quite come out in the stuffing!  So in the end he became a Robot Space Ninja, or quite possibly a Ferret in a jet pack.

And this little guy is Posie.  I designed him to be a version of my nephew Mattie's dog Rosie, who is a Portuguese water dog.  I didn't have any black fabric however so Rosie turned into Posie!

They are stuffed nice and tight and their arms and legs are perfect for little hands to grab, and each one ends up with so much personality that they are all characters on their own.  Each one (so far) comes with a name and a little history.  It's maybe a little much, but it's so fun and they are so cute that I kind of get lost in the process.

These are not the first creatures that I've made.  I made Sonny a cat named Stanley, who is a contstan crib buddy, although he doesn't get as much love as my Mama heart could wish for, but I can't make Sonny be friends with anyone so I am cool with it.

But in making these creatures over the last little while I am discovering that I really enjoy it.
So much so that I made a couple of Bandits that made their way to Hip Baby in town here and both of them were sold to new homes for the holidays!

Janalope is my new exciting adventure with Janamade, a branch of the tree for Littles.
I imagine that it will start slowly (also I only have so much time in the day!) but this is something that I am going to work with over the next year and see how they evolve.

I've got care tags in the works and I hand carved the logo stamp already!

I'll be making another litter for Hip Baby in the next couple of weeks, a Fox, a Hare, an Owl and a Horse I think.

I'm making a little something for another Little friend of ours whose birthday party is coming up too.

A Janalope Shop and link of the website are coming soon!


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