Mar 28, 2009

The Ring. And some boxes.

It's been a while I know, and I am a bit sorry about that. But life sometimes takes over and packing and a headcold have taken over my life.
So there.

But I wanted to post once more from Vancouver before we moved.
We are painting today. Very exciting I know.
In fact Geoff is starting the kitchen's last coat while I sit here and type this, so I won't be here long.

We move on Monday.
I finished my last piece of jewellery in my studio here yesterday.
What is it do you ask?
Well, it was my engagement ring actually.

For keeps this time.

I am SO happy with it. I might have to size it up the TINIEST little bit, because when I woke up this morning I couldn't get it off. But it's not supposed to come off right?
Anyway I will likely make it a touch bigger so I can get it past my knuckle at least.

A couple of other pictures to tide you over until I get back to regular posting!

And now I am going to go back to painting. I won't post again until we are on the island and set up at the lake, so please bear with me for a week or two.

Vancouver has treated us pretty well. And we aren't saying goodbye forever. Just for now.


1 comment:

Glenda-Bean said...

Beautiful ring! Love it!


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