Mar 16, 2009

boxes boxes everywhere boxes

It's actually not that bad. We've got most of the extra stuff packed away already.
My studio shelves came down this weekend and we've got most of the boxes stacked in the corner ready to be moved out to the truck once we're ready to really go.

It's been weird having people come through the suite and look at our life.
Very bizarre. And I have managed to pack up things that I now realize I should have left out.
Like all of my new business cards. I had even left a box out so that I would have access to them, but in my infinite wisdom, packed those into SOMETHING, somewhere.

And the really nice wedding invitation pens. I still have a couple of invitations waiting for addresses.

So I am going to go through the boxes and find them so I can mail those off tomorrow.



I am really looking forward to the first week in April as we unpack and set up and get things back in order.

At the lake.

oh yeah.

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