Apr 17, 2013

The show must go on! Possibly too much personal info! Snakes!

 It's been just over a month since a detox program threw my eczema into fits.  Seriously I have been itching (har har) to get back into the studio and make some orders that have been lining up while being forced to SIT and THINK about working on them.  Not stressful in the least. (I am totally lying, it's been very stressful and I am supposed to be DECREASING stress in order to get my hands back under control. Ugh!)

It's not pleasant, but my reaction to things is a break out of blisters on my hands and fingers.
Too much contraband?  Blisters.
Too much stress?  Blisters.
Too much chocolate or wine? (seriously Universe??)  Blisters.

I am very slowly getting back to my bench however, and while it does put the healing back a few days, it's making ME feel better.  So I am carefully and respectfully getting back to work.

Like this new little beauty.
I mailed him off on the weekend and I am very pleased that he's off in the world.
Thank you Linda for ordering him!

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