Apr 2, 2013

Cuffs with No Name

These three bad boys are living at Shampoo Hair Bar at the moment... presumably at least as I know that a few of the ladies there were eyeing them up when I dropped them off a little while ago. 

Brand new, hand forged, I have NO IDEA what to call them.

That's not entirely true, I am leaning towards something appropriately Nordic/Viking-ish due to their hammered, forgey nature.

Forgey is a technical term I learned at school.

They are extra nice because you can bend them a little bit here and there to get them to fit you EXACTLY how you want them.

I will be posting them into the shops in the coming weeks... Full Disclosure: I am having a bit of a Can't Work with My Hands Hiatus at the moment due to an impressive eczema reaction to a new herbal treatment I am taking.  To FIX SAID REACTION, but whatever.

Fingers are mostly crossed (swelling is keeping the cross from being totally official UGH!) that I will be back at it next week.


nook. said...

your poor hands!!! :( i know it's killing you not to use them... i hope they heal soon. that being said. i'm in love i with these bracelets. lovely. xoxoxo

Jana May said...

Thanks Rebecca! I am pretty sure I will be back at it full speed in a week or two. I made some earrings this week and I have an Ouroboros bangle to make this coming week and I am hoping that SO HOPING that things will be back to normal!


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