Jan 31, 2009

New work

So I was going through some of my scraps today and I came across some earring blanks that I started AGES ago.
Probably 2 years ago.

They got pushed to the back of my drop tray and then tossed into my scrap silver box.

So I decided to finish them and post the results on Etsy.

Oval "Flock" Earrings.
sterling silver, handmade posts.

Two sizes of the new Flock Earrings with center cut out.

Hammered Leaf Pendants (3) on 20" mini tub chain (so cute!) and Earrings.

I've also been working on some bangles.
I know I always say that, but I really am this time!
And these ones have TWO JOBS!!
One side has a twist detail...

and the other side is hammered.

Two bangles in one!

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